For a fair trade dorm room (or apartment!)

By Margaret Bodalski, Madison Serrv Store

Sharing a small room with a random roommate can be difficult. Many times someone on your dorm floor becomes your best friend, starting from a simple interaction. Having Serrv items in your room that tell a story can start a meaningful and fun conversation.

Are you looking for a way to maximize space in a dorm or apartment? Serrv storage baskets are a great place to hold your blankets, winter sweaters, and socks underneath your elevated bed frame. You could try the handled baskets for your laundry, groceries, or schoolbooks. (All of our baskets are Buy One/Get One at 50% Off through 7/19/17!)

Organize your closet by adding an interior hook for your jackets. Or, try one of our bird hooks so there’s always a place for the dorm key you absolutely must not lose.

You could liven up your bed with a Kantha Quilt or your futon with a Kantha Throw. You would also be providing great support to the livelihood of Sasha Craft Producers in India.

There are so many ways to bring fair trade to college - these are just a few! Liven up your small space with unique decor and help artisans and farmers fight poverty at the same time. The possibilities are endless!