Unlock the Potential for Women Artisans in Bangladesh

Giving marginalized women artisans the opportunity to earn their own sustainable income builds stronger families and communities. Through our long-term dedication to fair trade values, we are passionate about the empowerment of women around the world!

In the bustling city of Dhaka, Bangladesh, the YWCA of Dhaka Craft Centre provides training in sewing and embroidery for women, many of whom had been abandoned or abused by their husbands. Over the years, they have provided opportunities for thousands of women. Beyond contributing to the family income, the women who participate in the project learn to read and write, and have access to subsidized health care, savings program, interest-free loans, and free legal services.

In addition to the Craft Centre, the YWCA of Dhaka runs a variety of amazing programs that promote women's rights and provide integral services like education, health care, and leadership development.

Seventeen years ago, my family and I moved to Dhaka after losing everything in a flood back home. My husband was working in a shop and it was a very hard time for us because his income was so litle. I found sewing work at YWCA Craft Centre and have been here since—I owe so much to YWCA! Today we have our own home because they have given me an interest-free loan. My son is going to the University of Dhaka and my daughter is also in school because I can pya for it. I am very proud to be an artisan of YWCA Craft Centre.
— Aroti Rani Dash, sewing artisan

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