A Different Kind of Wedding Registry

By Guest Writer and Serrv Customer, Tiffany Brian

“Oh I love that gorgeous blue basket! Where did you get it?”

How many times have I heard this question? And how many times have I been able to share a really beautiful story about Serrv and how the product empowers the artisans who made it? It feels so much better than the other response: “Oh, I just got it from Insert-Big-Store-Name-Here,” but more importantly, it also invites a richer conversation.

But none of that went through our minds four years ago when my husband and I decided to create our wedding registry through Serrv. We decided to use Serrv as one of our registries because they have beautiful yet practical products, and we knew our guests would appreciate being able to buy us a wedding gift we’d cherish without it sitting in a cabinet collecting dust until we pull it out on our fiftieth wedding anniversary to try to remember who had given it to us. We were right: every item on our registry was purchased, and we use each one regularly.

The food tastes just slightly better when it’s served with a wooden spoon from Grandma and out of a ceramic casserole dish from my mother-in-law, both purchased from Serrv as wedding gifts. As we sit down at our dining room table to eat, we feel a sense of connectedness to the givers of the gifts as well as the creators: the artisans halfway across the world. I wonder if they feel it too?

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